We build successful companies.


Specializing in the hardware products, robotics, AI and autonomous vehicle spaces, Talenci's team of seasoned recruiters and tech founders help early stage to mid-size tech companies identify and attract the unique talent they need to grow and succeed.


Our Approach


quality and accuracy

Utilizing code testing and advanced personality screening, we only provide you with the top, most qualified and accurately matching candidates for your unique environment and team. Not stacks of resumes.


simple and affordable

With our flexible pricing options, guarantees and decades of recruiting and startup experience, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind formula specifically designed for startup companies and their bank accounts.


we know people

Anyone can connect the dots on a resume. We provide a personality, attitude, drive and goals profile for every candidate matching your unique environment and needs.


Always consultative

We act as your internal recruiting team with the same commitment to finding your ideal candidates and helping to improve your process and talent pipeline.